Suspension install & correction

We will use the best parts on the market to improve the ride quality and look of your vehicle whether we are the first or the last to work on it.

Engine modification

We will add any aftermarket supercharger or turbocharger kit as well as an engine swap kit available for your vehicle.


We can order custom driveshafts, axles, lockers, gears, and what ever you need to return your modified vehicle to stock performance or better

tire mounting & balancing

We can order and build whatever tire and wheel combo you desire from our numerous dealers. If you want 33s we got that if you want 40s beadlock or standard is all well ask even for those looking at 54s we can get those as well.

The best place to come
get your 4x4 ready for
whatever life throws at it:

It all depends on you the customer if you want to go over landing across the country we can build it for comfort or a more minimalistic approach. If you want to go climb the hardest trails out there we can make your vehicle literally bomb-proof. It all depends on you!!!

we take your vehicle service seriously

Below are the services we specialize in and offer to all our current and new customers.

Preventative Maintenance

We aren't just any oil change place but if it's in the shop we can change any in fluid in your vehicle that you feel necessary. We will also advise if it's not needed so you don't spend where it isn't necessary.

Brake Repair & Services

Whether you just need new pads or you want a full blown 6 piston big brake kit we can install and prep them for whatever may come.


Drivetrain Service

Driveshafts, transmissions, axles and more we can diagnose and repair or just plain improve whatever is necessary for you application.

Engine/Motor Services

Faster, stronger, let's make it last longer. If it's diesel, gas or electric we have the expertise in all to make it better.

Tires & Wheels

Not your standard tire shop we are well versed with beadlocks, multipiece rims, and more.

Exhaust System

We will install whichever bolt on kit you want and if you want something custom we have a guy for that as well.

Auto Body Services

We can install fiberglass fenders and pull that dent out from your last trail ride but we aren't a full fledged body shop. We can definitely point you in the direction.

Custom shock Tuning

Depending on the shocks you have on your vehicle, we can rebuild and recharge them to ride like new or we can change the internals to fully adjust rebound and compression for your driving needs.

veterans receive up to a 20% discount

We want to thank our veterans for their service and dedication to serving our country. As a veteran, you can receive up to a 20% discount depending on the products and services you receive.

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up to 20%

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