Shelby Pevey

I started life in small town Pearl, Mississippi where I grew up riding in monster trucks down the Pearl River and driving tractors on the family farm. After graduating high school I went straight into the United States Marine Corps where I trained not only to defend our Country but to be a basic electrical engineer and diesel technician to design, implement and maintain power grids for the troops all over the world.

In 2012 I deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan. In June 2014 I was fresh out of the Marine Corps and homeless on the other side of the country from my family. Thankfully I had the truck I had built and gas money to get from 29 Palms, California to my hometown of Pearl, Mississippi. Once home I learned that all of the training and time I spent in the Marine Corps meant nothing to those hiring in the civilian world. I started from the bottom finally finding a job at a forklift repair shop then eventually transitioning into larger heavy equipment where I worked in the field for nearly 8 years while sporadically taking college classes to earn my degree. During this time I also earned multiple technical certification’s across a broad spectrum of equipment working on everything from pressure washers to 300 ton cranes but this wasn’t where I found my passion. When I was working on cars and trucks with my dad and uncle I was truly happy,  and later on in life with my brothers in the Marines I reignited that love for jeeps and off-roading.

After eight years of working on very large machines I decided to step down to passenger vehicle modification and found myself employed with the largest retailer in the country. While I was there I found my true passion in building awesome vehicles for myself and others to enjoy. Training with the company allowed me to experience working with almost every vehicle and aftermarket modification available. I found myself having to move across the country yet again for family and was faced with a decision stay with the company and have a 2 hour commute or leave and find a local company with a similar repertoire. This is where the problem came in. There was no similar business in the Aurburn / Opelika area that wanted to build vehicles with the standard of quality I feel people deserve. So here I find myself utilizing my technical military training and leadership skills, lessons learned from life’s hardships, and the experiences when I found myself truly inspired and fulfilled to create this company and a life for myself and my family that I am proud of.

I founded Misfits 4×4 to bring together everyone that has the skills or funds to build the best but can’t find the place capable of doing it. We strive using Honor, Courage, and Commitment to better ourselves and the customer’s experience every day to ensure that only the best product possible leaves our doors for happy customers to enjoy along side us on the trail.


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We specialize in the traditional off-roading brand's .

But that doesn’t mean we can’t turn anything into an absolute riot off-road.